About Franklin Commons

Franklin Commons is an approximately 100 year old industrial building that has had only four owners and four uses. It was initially a silk mill, then a carpet mill, and in the mid-70’s it was purchased by Budd Company which moved here from Bridgeport. They made plastic pump parts for sewage treatment plants. In the mid-90’s, a division of the Budd Company purchased the building, made the same product, with the same employees. They ceased operations in approximately 2003.

Palma, L.P. bought the building on March 17, 2006. After the environmental remediation, it was divided into leasehold spaces and leasing commenced in 2007.

At the present time, approximately one-half of the tenants are educational or quasi-educational and one-half are not.

Check out the link below for an inside look at the progress and exciting transformation of the Franklin Commons.

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